This area of my practice ranges from the drafting of simple or complex estate planning documents, to the administration and record keeping of the end product.  Trusts can assist people in saving taxes, providing simple transfer of assets, or they can be a constant head-ache to anyone dealing with them.  The difference is in proper preparation and administration of the document, and a proper explanation of what is needed up front.  Since probate is fairly inexpensive and simple in Maine, with the exception of some tax savings for large estates, or for privacy, Trusts have limited use.  Trusts are not useless, however, and on a case by case basis, the need for a trust will be examined.  In Maine, family cottages with multiple users, are a prime example of the proper use of a trust.  Centralized management, centralized billing, and a known use schedule all help to keep the family on the same page and sometimes, together.