Proper preparation is absolutely vital to paying as little taxes as possible, both for corporations and individuals.  The old addage, "An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure" rings true in the tax world.  Unfortunately, tax preparation is often overlooked by individuals, corporations, and even attorneys.  There is a very distinct difference between tax avoidance, and tax preparation.  Properly prepared organizational structures, payment times, and documents, can save thousands of dollars in taxes every year.  After the fact "tax avoidance" can lead to audits, interest, penalties, and sometimes jail time.  Be sure to be in the first category, but in the event you fail to plan, I have represented many people who cannot pay their taxes and must work out some sort of arrangement with either the IRS, the Maine Revenue Services, or the Department of Labor. 

The taxes I work on range from individual, corporate, estate, partnership, or even trust fund taxes, such as labor or unemployment.  I work closely with book-keepers and accountants to create a team that serves the clients needs, without unnecessary or excess costs.